Quotes From Clients


Nicole C

"This woman is the epitome of support, grounding and love. My birth experience was exactly as I could've hoped because of her. Ashley Minihan is amazing at what she does and made for the ultimate teammate. She worked just as hard as I did during my labor to make sure I could stay connected to myself and my little love throughout the whole process. Because of Ashley, her knowledge and calming presence I was able to have the natural birth I longed for. Gratitude doesn't even begin to cover it. And I now know that I LOVE giving birth. What an amazing life experience."

Morgan G

 "I recommend Ashley whole-heartedly and my husband and I feel blessed to have had her with us at my daughter's birth. I initially reached out to Ashley when I was expecting my second child, hoping that having a doula's support would help me to be more confident and able to have the natural birth that I wanted after having a difficult first birth experience. It took only minutes, during our first phone converstation, for me to decide that Ashley would be the perfect person to help me and my husband navigate this experience (and I was right!). Ashley is warm, cheerful, knowledgeable, open-minded, and a great listener. Ashley was in constant contact with me during the months leading up to my due date and she listened to my concerns and offered me the assurance i needed so that, when my labor started, I felt completely prepared, not fearful. Throughout my labor, Ashley remained calm and positive; her gentle encouragement was constantly felt and she was so graceful in how she balanced her presence with that of the doctors, nurses, and my husband. My husband felt that he was much better able to help me during this labor as compared to my first, thanks to Ashley's coaching. Just a few seconds after our daughter was born, my husband turned to Ashley and exclaimed, "I'm so glad you were here!" Thanks to Ashley, I had a beautiful, natural birth and I look back on my experience so fondly - it truly made me a more confident woman and mother. I feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to know Ashley through this beautiful experience and hope you have the opportunity to have her become a part of your story as well!"

Adrienne B

 "When I got pregnant with my second baby, I had my heart set on a vaginal birth after cesarean (vbac) and was hopeful to do it without an epidural. I heard Ashley speak at a childbirth class I attended and reached out to her right after. I knew that I needed the most support I could get, and I was immediately drawn to her positive and calming energy. I cannot even put into words how happy I am that I had Ashley by my side during my pregnancy and labor. She was there for me every step of the way, sending positive affirmations, checking in on me towards the end when I was starting to get anxious, and when I found out my baby wasn’t in a great position for birth, she was right there with suggestions on how to get her to move. And they worked! I texted Ashley when I went into labor and she was right there at the hospital when I arrived. My contractions came on strong and fast and without her support and knowledge to make labor as comfortable as it could be, I don’t know what I would have done! Ashley was hands down my rock, and she guided me through my successful vbac without an epidural! She stayed by my side until baby and I were safe and comfortable. Ashley believed in me when I didn’t think I could go any further. I am forever grateful for her presence during the birth of my daughter! I would absolutely recommend Ashley to every pregnant mama!" 


 "There are no words to describe how important Ashley was to us during our pregnancy journey, the birth of our daughter (our first child), and the post-partum transition to home. Ashley is warm, compassionate, caring, and really knows her stuff! We were on the fence about hiring a doula but after one meeting, I was sold. My spouse was afraid he would lose his role/ be replaced by a doula, but Ashley facilitated the exact opposite- she helped us both navigate each step of labor. We wanted a natural birth- no meds except laughing gas- and I firmly believe this would not have been accompished without Ashley's presence and input. She has excellent working relationships with the staff at our hospital (YNHH) and thanks to her, we had the birth we envisioned! She also has helped us immensely with car seats and breastfeeding information and assistance. We cannot sing her praises enough! Thank you for everything, Ashley!" 

Alexandra J

 " I am so happy that we had the opportunity to work with Ashley for the birth of our first child. As excited as I was, I had a fair amount of anxiety about the labor process. Working with Ashley made all the difference. Her knowledge, kindness, and professionalism helped me approach my labor confidently and much more calmly.We decided to work with Ashley at the beginning of my third trimester. She was always accessible either through phone call or text. We were in regular contact, especially when I was diagnosed with a condition that required lots of extra appointments and an induction date 3 weeks prior to my due date. We touched base after every doctor appointment, and there were lots! As we got closer to my date, Ashley did a home visit and reviewed lots of strategies that aligned with my birth plan. She also worked with me to create my birth plan. She even provided a template for the plan when I said I wasn't sure how to format it and how detailed to be. The doctors and nurses at my delivery said it was one of the most comprehensive templates they've seen. What my husband really appreciated about working with Ashley was how she helped him to be more supportive of me in the delivery room. Because I had an unmedicated delivery, she worked with him on different moves that helped me with pain management. When it came to the actual delivery, I had to be induced a week earlier than planned, and due to medical reasons, I was unable to follow through on many aspects of my birth plan. Ashley was amazing and helped me stick to my goal of an unmedicated delivery by altering some of the methods we practiced earlier. Because of Ashley's support, I feel I had a wonderful labor experience despite my unplanned limitations. At my six week appointment, my doctor commented on how exceptional she thought Ashley was, noticing how supportive she was of my wishes. I’m really looking forward to working with Ashley again when my husband and I are ready for our second child!"