Doula Service

"Think of a doula as a native tour guide though a place you've never been before where a different language is spoken. Without a doula you'll still get from point A to point B, but with a doula the quality and depth of your experience will be incredibly different"- Christen Pascucci



Doula Services $1500

 As a doula I support my clients through their pregnancy, labor and delivery and post partum. I feel that is if very important to have a strong connection with my clients so that I can meet their needs during labor. We will talk in depth about your feelings, your desires and any fears that you may have. I will provide you with information that you need and will learn about you, your partner and your birth preferences. I will  get to know your partner and come up with a plan to support them during this process as well.  I never take the place of a loved one's support during labor, but can enhance their role. I respect that birth is an intimate experience and know that a partner has a key role in supporting the laboring mom.  Partners offer a unique sense of support due to love, connection and shared history.  My role is to help them navigate this process and share my wisdom so that they can be more efficient their role.   We will talk about ways that I can best serve you and your family during the birthing process.  During labor I am available to you 24/7. I will join you whenever you are ready for support and will remain with you until after your birth. I will provide information, guidance and  emotional and physical support during your labor. I can help with position suggestions for optimal fetal positioning as well as comfort techniques to help ease discomfort. I will help you to achieve the birth that you desire and can offer suggestions and support if something unexpected should occur. My goal is to support you and your wishes. I do not bring my own agenda to your birth and my only plan is to support you.

Prenatal and Post Partum Support


Prenatally we will get to know each other by phone, texting as well as at our prenatal visits.  I encourage both moms and partners to reach out to me any time with questions.  I enjoy getting to know each family that I work with.  

During our prenatal visit I will teach moms and partners some relaxation exercises using rebozo.  A rebozo is a traditional scarf from Mexico that midwives have been using  for centuries to help bring comfort to women during their pregnancy. I will show you some techniques to help encourage relaxation as well as a strengthen the connection between a couple.  I will gift you a rebozo and encourage  you to use it often to relax, connect with each other and practice with.  Rebozos are also used during labor to help moms get into comfortable positions that will allow for relaxation to help the baby get into the best postilion for birth.  I also teach important stretchs and positions to work on during pregnancy that can help prepare the body to allow the baby to get into an optimal position for birth!


After you baby is born, I will not leave your birth until you are comfortable and have initiated breastfeeding.  At your post partum visit we will talk about your birth and I can answer any questions you have regarding it. I can also help with breastfeeding and common newborn care questions.      




" Ashley was there to make sure all my needs were met. She was an amazing advocate and voice for me when thinking and speaking were not my strong suites. She was able to help talk to me and make sure I understood what was going on and happening. With Ashley’s help, I had an amazing birth experience. She guided me through one of my most vulnerable times, but made me feel strong and empowered through it all"


"Ashley is an outstanding doula. Any woman who has the opportunity for Ashley to be present during their birthing experience is very fortunate. Her knowledge, wisdom, professionalism, sense of humor, thoughtfulness, patience, open-mindedness and dedication is evident with every interaction you share with her, and most importantly during the labor process. Ashley was with us every step of the way. She is part of our family story. She provides resources and tools to appropriately, and with your approval, respond to the strength and challenges that each birthing mother faces, in an empowering, mindful, compassionate, professional way. I would recommend Ashley to any and every expectant parent. She really is amazing. She listens to you. She knew what I was thinking and needed before I did. She respected all of our requests. I had a very complex and long back labor, also a VBAC, sunny-side up; despite these challenges, we had an amazing midwife and doula (ASHLEY!), and my son was born happy and healthy, without epidural. Ashley helped make this very sacred experience a successful one."


" She was the FRIEND.. I needed to be there when I was scared of the pain, to just be there to support me when I was not getting breaks from my contractions.  She was the positive "go" girl that kept telling me I was "REALLY" doing great when I felt I wasn't coping with the contractions well. She supported me at every turn, speaking up for me if I was unable,  when the doctors were making requests that I had not agreed to."


" Ashley was instrumental in making the second birth more positive.  She was available every step of the way and very knowledgeable about labor practices, birth education, and breastfeeding and post partum care.  She helped by offering positioning advice and gentle touch massage to help my body relax through the many stages of labor.  She also guided my husband so he could better help me.  Through every decision and every phase I felt she went above and beyond to get more information about all my questions."


 "Ashley's compassion, empathy, sensitivity, and caring personality were evident. She calmly prepared for our labor by asking crucial questions so she would know how to proceed in every situation presented to her during my son's birth; she got to know our personalities, our choices, our believes and accommodated her guidance making sure our experience was as natural to us as possible. This is UNIQUE! She cared for me, my husband and my father-in-law during our labor, all night long! She was always approachable, available, caring, and respectful. The harmony between Ashley and our Ob team was incredible."