Empowered Birth

Private in Home Childbirth Classes

These classes can be set up at your convenience in the comfort of your own home.  This class will empower you and help prepare you for labor and birth under the belief that our bodies were made to do this and with some knowledge and understanding of this natural process you can have a beautiful experience. 

Topics will include:

 Pregnancy Changes 

 Normal Progression of Labor and Delivery

 Coping Techniques, Relaxation and Positioning for Labor

 Common Interventions & Pain Management 

 Cesarean Birth


"As first time parents there are so many unknowns about birthing. Ashley's warm and supportive personality, paired with the way she educated us about labor in this class made a huge difference in our outlook on labor. We feel more confident & more empowered as we enter this new season of our lives after taking her class. We highly recommend Ashley as a childbirth educator!"

~ Katie